So mean-looking! So sexy!

Yay Saturday! It’s been a tough week (as all weeks are…), and today I will be writing more of The Hero’s Return, the second of my 2013 Loveswept titles (No, I will NEVER get tired of mentioning that. Sorry in advance).

My hero and heroine are now in a small town, about to partake in the town’s annual Frolic, which celebrates something or another. Of course, things being what they are, they’ll discover some oddness to the Frolic, something that binds them in unfamiliarity together while the townspeople know exactly what is going on. I’m not sure what that thing will be yet, just something to bring them closer together (even as other things strive to keep them apart). Any thoughts on a weird tradition the Frolic could have? Your suggestions welcome!

Outside of that writing news, I got a website tweak, and it’s all pretty, even if the picture of me is ghastly. I just couldn’t stand to have the five year-old pic up there any longer, I felt it was disingenuous. I will be blogging more regularly, because now I like to visit my own site again. Yay!

Hope everyone is having a great day!