djimon-hounsou1Many years ago, I started working on an erotic historical with a former slave hero and a French whore. Because, you know, just having ONE risky character wasn’t enough. I set that aside for a long while, but have just returned to it, and it now doesn’t feel that risky at all, given what romance has exploded into in recent years.

One thing it remains, however, is far too serious. I need my characters to lighten up, for goodness’ sake. Because sex is intense and meaningful to these characters, but it doesn’t have to be so ponderous (that’s my fault as the author, not the characters. Poor things, they’d probably like to enjoy themselves).

It is hard, however, to make erotic moments humorous. It can come off as slapstick, and not funny at all. I don’t want to go that far, but I do want my characters to have fun.

I haven’t read that many erotic historicals, but I keep looking for ones that are both super-sexy and not anachronistic (hard to find, for sure). Of course Pam Rosenthal springs immediately to mind, as does Robin Schone and Alice Gaines.

Have you read, and could recommend, any erotic historicals? Meanwhile, I’ve got to go un-serious-fy these poor people who just want to get–well, you know.