I am not ashamed–and never have been (check last year for proof)–to admit that I make resolutions. Classic ones, even, like lose weight, exercise more, and stop drinking so much damn coffee.

Okay, that one is so not going to fly. But the losing weight and exercise, that I am going to do (really. I usually do follow through).

And, since I do make Resolutions, it might be a good time to see how I did. Let’s see . . . last year, I did lose weight (which I regained, but that just means a fresh Resolution for this year!), I did get an agent (!), although I haven’t sold any books yet. I have caught up on sleep, somewhat, and yes, I have been having more sex (not that you asked).

This year, in addition to the usual things, I resolve to write more productively, waste less time, be a better friend and stop worrying about how many books I’ve been able to read, because fewer books read means more book written–theoretically, at least.

Maybe you’ve shared your resolutions already (I’ve been sleeping, ‘member, so I haven’t spent enough time at the computer lately), but what do you look forward to in 2009?