So the November 1 deadline is on track (thankfully!), though I must push past that point which comes in every WIP, the moment where I am sick of the characters and all their doings and am quite sure no one will ever want to read this story. The End is in sight, I must persevere, and get to the point where I realize it’s not so bad after all! (Plus on Janet’s rec I’m reading The Age of Wonder, which is a terrific book). In the meantime, I don’t have lot of brain cells to spare, so this Tuesday’s blog is a no-brainer return to In or Out. The subject this time–royal brides!

Now, I know that the fact that it’s wedding dresses makes them much of a samness, but still some stand the test of time better than others. Let’s take a look!

Empress Alexandra of Russia (including the real mantle she wore that day). In or Out?

Queen Alexandra of England. In or Out?
Queen Victoria (and her shoes!). It’s said her white, lace-trimmed gown and veil started the whole trend for flouffy white dresses that lasts to this day. Is she In or Out?

Her youngest daughter Princess Beatrice, in the same lace veil. In or Out?
Elizabeth II. In or Out?

Her mother, Elizabeth the Queen Mother. In or Out?
And her sister, Princess Margaret. I have to admit, I love this dress! I wouldn’t mind having one just like it myself. Is she In or Out?

Princess Grace: In or Out?

Princess Charlotte: In or Out?
Catherine the Great: In or Out?
Marie de Medici: In or Out?
Hedvig Elisabeth Charlotta, Duchess of Sodermanland and later Queen of Sweden: In or Out?

Princess Diana. When I first saw this gown on TV, my 5 year old self thought this was exactly what a wedding gown should be! Now, of course, it’s pretty well Out, though I have noticed a new trend in wedding gowns towards unwieldy poufiness again. Is it In or Out?

What do you think? Who is in and who is (horrors!) out? What did you wear for your own wedding, and what would your dream gown be??

Now, back to my deadline…