snowdrops in sparkly snow

So we’re dealing with yet another cold snap in upstate NY. I’m ready for spring, even though I haven’t gotten out onto the ski slopes yet, due to my daughter’s college search and a three week long sinus/flu/something-or-other. I can still enjoy spring skiing. That means having to adapt to snow that goes from ice in the morning to slush in the afternoon, but it also means shorter lift lines and warmer weather. So come on spring!

I do get a sense of thaw in the surge of creativity I’m feeling and seeing all around me.

I’m close to finishing some rather major improvements to Lord Langdon’s Kiss, my first book which I plan to reissue in April. I’m also brainstorming a bunch of new story ideas. When I ran the free promo for my sexy novella, Lady Em’s Indiscretion, a reader asked if I planned to put it out in paperback. I replied that it seemed too short; I’d have to write a couple more and make it into an anthology. She and others really liked the idea, and that same evening ideas for a prequel and sequel poured into my mind. I’m also starting to think about new full-length stories, possibly a series.

I’m not the only one. I was so happy to hear that Amanda is coming back from a rough patch. I’m also delighted that Gail has been able to spend more time on her writing—you’ll hear more about that from her later. Another friend has a new book out, and yet another is getting ready to launch a steampunk series.

This all makes me very happy.

How about you? What is everyone up to? Any signs of spring in your life?