While I wait to hear on various projects, I’ve embarked on an entirely new piece of writing, in an entirely new genre, and it’s–awesome! I’ve got 10K on it thus far, and it feels fantastic. I can’t quite say what it is yet, except that it was inspired by reading something that was not all that good, but still compelling, and it had incredible feedback at the various sites that allow for reader reviews.

For this project, because it is such a different thing to try, I’m going to make up a playlist to listen to while I’m working on it, and the project will include this song, which breaks my heart every time I listen to it. I am usually reluctant to put my characters through pain, but I believe some of the most memorable things I’ve read have characters who really have to suffer before they get their happy ending. So I’m going to be choosing hard, heartwrenching songs to include on the playlist.

Books and music are equal in inspiration to me, although (because of my day job), books have been winning out lately, but music is never far behind, giving me ideas for the books I want to write.

And now, with that, I have a few hours to myself, so I’m going off to write. And listen to music.