Tom Stoppard’s dramatic trilogy The Coast of Utopia, currently playing on Broadway, just added ten Tony nominations to the slew of awards it’s already won.

Here’s a photo of Jennifer Ehle — yes, the delightful Elizabeth Bennet from the BBC/A&E Pride and Prejudice — performing in The Coast of Utopia.

I love Tom Stoppard — he’s definitely my favorite modern playwright. I think this may be in part because he is in some ways very old-fashioned.

He cares about language, for one thing. Oh, the word-play in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead! And, indeed, the word-play in pretty much everything he’s ever written! Just gorgeous. Deliriously fun.

He’s also interested in history, and many of his plays have been set in others times and/or places.

Take, for example, Arcadia. Half of it takes place during the Regency, and half during the present…and the details are wonderful.

(This photo here is from a production of Arcadia performed at Le Moyne College in 2005. Lovely!)

So… Have you ever seen a production of Arcadia? Where?

What did you think of it?

Do you see much theatre? Which playwrights (modern or not) do you like best?

All answers welcome!

Cara King, author of MY LADY GAMESTER, in which the protagonists see several plays and one elephant