I’m not talking about the kind you wear. Not that I wear shorts myself. My knees have these ugly rough patches, so I only wear shorts for gardening–which is probably why I have those rough patches. But I digress.

Earlier this week Amanda said she liked shorter stories on these hot days of summer. I tend to read longer books in the summer, at least while on vacation, because that’s when I have more time. I prefer a longer, meatier read anyway, but I also enjoy the occasional anthology of novellas or short stories. I think they’re a great way to sample new authors.
They’re also fun to write. I’ve published one novella, “The Wedding Wager”, which came out in the Zebra anthology HIS BLUSHING BRIDE. Regina Scott, Alice Holden and I were asked to write novellas with a June Bride theme. I agreed to the deal, but I was determined not to do something all saccharine and Precious Moments with it. Luckily, I came up with the idea of a wager. The heroine, reluctant to accept the rakish hero’s proposal of a marriage of convenience, bets him that he won’t be able to resist so much as kissing another woman for three months. It’s silly and fun and I had a blast writing it. I think the other authors enjoyed writing their stories, because the anthology became an RT Top Pick.
How about you? Do you enjoy short stories and novellas, or do you prefer longer reads? Does it depend on the season?
In honor of the Riskies Anniversary, I’ll give away a copy of HIS BLUSHING BRIDE to a commenter chosen at random. I’ll announce the winner tomorrow.