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So we got a little snow over the past couple of days–maybe you’ve heard? My son got a snow day yesterday, in fact, and NYC public schools NEVER have snow days, so it was a big deal.

But that did not stop me from finding the romance! Last night, I went to the book launch party for Eloisa James at WORD in Brooklyn, a romance-friendly bookstore. Eloisa talked about her books, including her new release, When Beauty Tamed The Beast, and then signed books for fans. Despite the evil weather, the event was standing-room only, and it was cool to hear Eloisa’s inspiration for this book, a mash-up of “Beauty And The Beast” and House.

And speaking of mash-ups, here’s an NSFW video of a sign language student signing Cee-Lo Green’s amazing song:

I love mash-ups. For me, juxtaposing the high culture with low is just brilliant. Perhaps one of the first ones of those I ever encountered was Alexander Pope‘s poem “The Rape Of The Lock,” which equates cutting a piece of hair from an object of affection with something much more serious.

Other than that, however, all I’ve done lately is work at the New Day Job and try to navigate home life so all the Framptons have clean laundry and such.

So–what crazy mash-ups can you think of? Are you a fan of mash-ups? Do you ever get the chance to go to book launch parties, or if you’re an author, have them yourself?

Stay warm!


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