Here’s my friend the Plot Fairy who has been flitting around the place but not nearly enough.

I’ve also been visited by the Cold Sweat Revision Fairy, who wakes you in the middle of the night to make you wonder if you fixed that eighteen month pregnancy or the three-hour carriage trip from London to York.

Or the Printer Cartridge Fairy who steals printer cartridges–happily I outwitted her this time as I sent my ms. in digitally. And then there’s the Fascinating Detail Will o’ the Wisp who leads you to strange yet irrelevant places like this when you try to do some simple research for a new book:

And then of course I have the fascinating visits from the Dust Bunny, the Lightbulb Imp, and the myriad other strange creatures that haunt me, stop me from writing, and generally make a nuisance of themselves. What sort of things that go bump in the night do you have?