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Dreadfully Important Survey here. Much more important than that census nonsense. The fate of the world hangs in the balance.

And the pictures here of handsome men are entirely relevant, and not there for any superficial, oh-aren’t-they-cute sort of reason.

1. If Horatio Hornblower (as played by Ioan Gruffudd) had a fistfight with Jack Aubrey (as played by Russell Crowe), who would win? And how much would you pay to watch them fight? How much more would you pay if they fought without their shirts on?

2. How about Jack Aubrey versus Captain Wentworth (as played by Ciaran Hinds)? Or would you be too afraid that Anne (as played by Amanda Root) would beat you to death with her umbrella for watching?

3. How about Wentworth versus Hornblower?

4. If the three captains actually fought, would that be like Regency mudwrestling?

5. Would Richard Sharpe (as played by Sean Bean) be able to wipe the floor with any of them?

Inquiring minds want to know.


Warning–today’s post will be Very Shallow and Not At All Edifying. Mostly because my spring allergies have kicked in, and my medicine has me even fuzzier-headed than usual. But also because of a book I just finished reading.

The book was “Kiss and Tango” by Marina Palmer, a memoir that had not a single thing to do with the Regency, but was a tale of the author quitting her dull advertising job in New York and taking off to dance the tango in Argentina. (Can this be my new career ambition, too???). She also had hot sex with many hunky tango guys, which leads me to this.

Palmer says “…this city [Buenos Aires] contains the most beautiful men per capita (we’re talking both quantity and quality). To that end, I have devised an index that will hopefully enable others to draw their own conclusions.
The Beautiful Men Index Per Square Mile:
Athens 0
Rio 4
New York 8
Paris 15
London 17
Venice 79
Buenos Aires 86”

She then goes into her reasons for these numbers, which makes me really want to go to South America. I then got the idea (this was excellent time wastage, BTW) to scan my romance “keeper” shelf and devise my own hot guy index based on favorite heroes. here goes:
Medieval/Renaissance 16
Regency 26
Victorian 9
Misc. 11
Paranormal 6

I will have to analyze these statistics as soon as the Benadryl wears off.

In the meantime, what are some of your favorite “great hero” books? Or “beautiful men” cities? (I’m especially interested in hearing about THAT…)

As for the Orlando picture–well, it’s Monday, and I just felt like it. 🙂

So mean-looking! So sexy!

Yay Saturday! It’s been a tough week (as all weeks are…), and today I will be writing more of The Hero’s Return, the second of my 2013 Loveswept titles (No, I will NEVER get tired of mentioning that. Sorry in advance).

My hero and heroine are now in a small town, about to partake in the town’s annual Frolic, which celebrates something or another. Of course, things being what they are, they’ll discover some oddness to the Frolic, something that binds them in unfamiliarity together while the townspeople know exactly what is going on. I’m not sure what that thing will be yet, just something to bring them closer together (even as other things strive to keep them apart). Any thoughts on a weird tradition the Frolic could have? Your suggestions welcome!

Outside of that writing news, I got a website tweak, and it’s all pretty, even if the picture of me is ghastly. I just couldn’t stand to have the five year-old pic up there any longer, I felt it was disingenuous. I will be blogging more regularly, because now I like to visit my own site again. Yay!

Hope everyone is having a great day!


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