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I am thrilled to show the cover for my April 2013 Loveswept release, Hero of My Heart. And here is what it’s all about, too. I’m psyched, I love these colors, and Mr. No Shirt isn’t bad, either.

When Mary Smith’s corrupt, debt-ridden brother drags her to a seedy pub to sell her virtue to the highest bidder, Alasdair Thornham leaps to the rescue. Of course the marquess is far from perfect husband material: Alasdair is too fond of opium, and prefers delirium to reality. Still, Alasdair has come to her aid, and now she intends to return the favor. She will show him that he is not evil, just troubled—and exceedingly handsome, with his perfect, strong body, chiseled jaw, and piercing green eyes.

Mary was a damsel in need of a hero, but Alasdair’s plan is shortsighted. He never foresaw her desire to save him from himself. Alasdair is quite at home in his private torment, until this angel proves that a heart still beats in his broken soul. The devil may have kept her from hell, but will Mary’s good intentions lead them back to the brink—or to heaven in each other’s arms?


This week has been nutty: On Monday, I turned in copy edits on Vanity Fare, my romantic women’s fiction title. Tuesday I got edits for an essay I wrote for the forthcoming non-fiction title, Fifty Writers on Fifty Shades. Tuesday I also began to rewrite the ending of Hero of My Heart, the Regency-set historical. Wednesday I turned in edits for the essay. Thursday I turned in the revision for Hero of My Heart.

And today, I begin another project.

Meanwhile, here’s a snippet from Hero of My Heart:

Mary watched his face, her eyes traveling from the rumpled hair to the strong brows, the commanding nose, and his full, sensual mouth. All that and a Marquess, too.

 No wonder he was accustomed to getting his way—people probably just sensed his autocratic authority and did whatever he wanted them to.

And she was no different. She reached out and touched his hair, pushing the long, disheveled strands behind his ear. His scent tickled her nose, and she sniffed, leaning in a little closer to him, inhaling the mingled odors of leather, sweat, and musk.

He gave a crooked smile in his sleep, and gathered her closer still.

Mary gave a gasp of surprise when he opened his eyes suddenly. The green depths were just inches away from her face, surrounded by long, black lashes. Many women would have given their left arm to have eyelashes like that. “You’re beautiful,” he murmured, moving forward to kiss her on her jaw line. She closed her eyes for a moment.

PS: The song captures the poignancy of the black moment in Hero of My Heart. I make a playlist for each book, and this is the pivotal song from this playlist.

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