Today we are on the road, on our way to visit relatives in Georgia. The book is done. Not polished but done and sent in. (Breathe heavy sigh of relief) Remind me never to do this again. I’ll take time management courses. Anything. Maybe even make myself write every day, no matter what.

I got to thinking…What would our trip be like if we were in Regency England?

My husband prefers driving himself to public transportation so we’ll be traveling in our own vehicle. We’ve had considerable discussion on whether to take my Prius with its great mileage or the more comfortable Acura. The Acura won.

In Regency terms, I figure this means we’ll be driving the curricle, drawn by two horses, instead of the curate cart. My husband, by the way, has always wanted a high-perch phaeton, but I’ve put my foot down. It’s impractical.

We’ll make the trip in two days (and coming home, it only takes us one day—because we are always eager to get home again). In Regency times the same distance would be like traveling from Brighton to Loch Ness, about 600 miles, and it would take about week at least. I suspect our butts would be rather sore in our little curricle all that way.

We’ll stop along the road only for gasoline, meals, bathroom breaks, and to spend the night, but our Regency selves must stop every twenty miles or so to change horses. Instead of McDonalds or a Perkins (no relation!) restaurant, we’ll be stopping in coaching inns, probably eating mutton stew and drinking ale. (which doesn’t sound so bad!)

At night we’ll stop in a motel—one with internet access, of course. Our Regency selves will stay in one of those coaching inns and we might travel with our own bed linens just to be certain we don’t pick up any bedbugs.

It used to be a bit of a culture shock to visit the Georgia relatives, but now the area has been built up with all the shopping centers of home. The Regency “we” are Londoners. Our normal pastimes are visiting the shops or walking in the park. Up by Loch Ness, however, there might be only one or two shops and plenty of places to walk.

I’ve heard there is even a monster in the Loch
But……no internet access.

Okay, if you were on vacation in REGENCY England, where would you go? What would you want to see?

(and thanks again for all your support and encouragement!!!)