Hi all.  My name is Myretta Robens and I’m going to be sharing Saturday blogging with Megan.  If you don’t know me (and millions don’t), I thought I’d make this post about myself – fascinating topic. 

I met Megan when we both preparing for the publication of our first Traditional Regencies.  Hers was for Signet and mine for Zebra (the last two Trad Regency hold-outs).  We were both writing journals about the road to publication for All About Romance and we just hit it off.  We have since become close friends with an alarming tendency to put each other in our books.  We were also both produced close to the last book in the world of print Traditional Regency.  Mine was Just Say Yes, which was a RITA finalist in 2005.  It lost to Riskies’ own Diane Gaston.  I’m just working my way around to forgiving Diane for this.
My first love, however, is Jane Austen, about whom I’m sure you’ll be hearing more from me in the future.  In 1997, a friend and I began The Republic of Pemberley web site.  Admittedly, this site was born of the deep-seated lust provoked by Colin Firth in the role of Fitzwilliam Darcy in the BBC’s 1995 adaptation of Pride & Prejudice.  But it’s grown and changed since then to a rather large and highly interactive Jane Austen site that manages to take up quite a lot of my time.  If you love, Jane, you should visit us.
Have I bored you sufficiently talking about myself?  Would you like to also know that I live near Boston with three cats (11, 11, and 21)?  That I worked for Harvard University until recently and that I still do web design for extra dough?  That I use all these excuses when I’m procrastinating?  That I am writing – really! – currently a Regency-set single title which is about half way there?  My own web site is at myrettarobens.com.  Feel free to visit me there.
I’m happy to be among you and look forward to frisking with the Riskies.  Thanks for inviting me.