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From British Folk Customs by Christina Hole:

“In Oxfordshire, even now, older people sometimes refer to Easter Monday as Ball Monday, because of the numerous ball games that used to be played on that day. Stoolball, knurr-and-spell, trapball, ninepins, handbasll, bowls and football were all customary pastimes of the Easter holidays.”

Not so different from “March Madness” or the opening of the baseball season, when you think of it, except it is part of Easter celebration.

Even though the most sacred of the Christian holidays, Easter’s celebrations have come from pagan origins. The word “Easter” comes from the Saxon goddess of spring, Ostara, who is said to have turned an injured bird into a rabbit that laid rainbow-colored eggs–but only one day a year! Both rabbits and eggs are, of course, common fertility symbols.

I can imagine some of our Regency characters playing “ball” games with eggs. Egg Toss–throwing eggs in the air and catching them until they break. Egg Shackling–grasping a hard-boiled egg in one’s right hand and using it as a weapon to strike the eggs of other players. The winner is the one with the intact egg at game’s end. Egg Rolling, still traditional in Northern England, Scotland, Ulster and the Isle of Man–rolling colored hard-boiled eggs down a slope until they are cracked and broken, at which time they are eaten.

Which brings me to my UNDONE theme. The word undone can mean “destroyed” or “opened,” just like an Easter egg rolled down a hill on Ball Monday!

Don’t forget! It is All Undone at my new blog this month. Tomorrow I’ll announce last week’s winners. Wednesday I’ll tell you about Michelle Willingham’s and my Drive By Booksigning, and Friday I feature the second of my four anthology mates, Louise Allen, whose story in Pleasurably Undone is Disrobed and Dishonored. Yes there will be prizes both days!

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What celebration did you do over Easter? Do you have any pagan-like Spring traditions?

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Wow. What a lot of new announcements for the Riskies in the last week. New books by Janet and Amanda, and our new RITA nominees, Carolyn and Amanda. And it seems like just yesterday that Amanda was announcing her new Laurel McKee release!

Well, I didn’t want to be UNDONE by Amanda, Janet and Carolyn. I have my own news!

Remember last year at this time I announced the release of my Undone eStory, The Unlacing of Miss Leigh? I’m announcing it again. The news is, The Unlacing of Miss Leigh is one of the stories available in the new Harlequin Historical anthology, Pleasurably Undone, now available as a mass market paperback in your bookstore. This is the first print anthology of the Harlequin Historical Undone stories.

We’ve featured my anthology mates before: Louise Allen, Terri Brisbin, and new RITA finalist, Michelle Willingham. (We’ll invite Christine soon). These ladies and I recently made an appearance on the Borders True Romance blog. You can read our interview here.

The Unlacing of Miss Leigh is my unabashed homage to The Phantom of the Opera (the Gerard Butler version, of course). Graham Veall, a disfigured and masked Penisular war veteran, advertises for female companionship, and Margaret Leigh, a virginal vicar’s daughter, answers the ad. When Margaret agrees to spend two months with Graham, it is not for the money she desperately needs. Will Margaret help heal Graham’s wounded spirit? (You have to buy Pleasurably Undone to find out.)

Or comment on this blog! I’ll give away one signed copy of Pleasurably Undone to one lucky commenter chosen at random.

Something else new with me!

I’m starting my own personal blog……. Why? you ask.

I really enjoy blogging here at Risky Regencies and I won’t give that up! I just thought it would be fun to branch out a little. Try different things and have even more fun. My wonderful webmistresses at Waxcreative have made it so my blog will appear on my website. Isn’t that grand?

My blog launches this Wednesday, March 31, at my website. For the month of April I’ll be blogging every Wednesday and Friday. And every Wednesday and Friday in April there will be a contest, each time the prize being a book. You’ll see more of me and more of my Pleasurably Undone anthology mates.

I also have a special theme planned for the April blogs. Stop by to see!

I am so hoping my Risky friends will visit me at the new blog. Help me build another “community” as lovely as the one we have here. You can test out how to get there by clicking on my pretty little graphic!

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What do you like to see in a blog?
What topics are your favorites?
Who are some of your favorites?
I need to know these things!!

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