As you know here at the Riskies–and I’m sure we’re not the only bloggers to do so–sometimes we tear out our hair trying to think of topics to blog on. One of my standards is Historic UK which gives dates of birthdays and historic events. I found myself caught between a rock and a hard place–today is the birthday of children’s author Enid Blyton. Tomorrow is Prinny’s birthday.

I grew up reading Enid Blyton, and my mother later admitted that she couldn’t bear reading her unlimpid prose aloud, but she did, bless her, just as I much later gritted my teeth and read the Berenstein Bears to my daughter (it’s part of the mother job description). So, what better way to celebrate these auspicious personages than to present an excerpt from Enid Blyton’s forgotten masterpiece Prinny Goes Adventuring Again.

“I say!” Prinny said. “Are you sure you aren’t a girl, George?”

“No I’m bally not,” said George “Beau” Brummel, tossing his head of black curls. “I’m naturally pretty.”

“I say, chaps,” said Julian, Lord Manlyboynaturalleader, “Don’t be such rotters. I think there are foreign spies on that mysterious island on the Thames. I’ve seen lights there at night and heard people speaking in French.”

“And this morning this washed up with the tide,” said Lady Ann Mostlydecorativegirlygirl. “It’s a box but I can’t open it.”

“Let me try.” Prinny took the box from Ann and ran his hands all over her.

“All you need to do is use the key that washed up with it,” said plain sensible Marjorie, the Duchess of BoringCharacter-Movestheplotforward.

“Gosh!” said Julian as the box clicked open. It was full of papers covered in mysterious symbols.

Timmy the dog barked!

“That looks like a foreign language,” George said. “Let’s all get in our curricles and ride out there. They are obviously desperate criminals.”

“I’ll bring the ham sandwiches and lemonade!” Marjorie said. “And a bone for Timmy.”

“Shouldn’t we ask Papa first?” Prinny said.

“No, he’s busy in Windsor Park. He’ll be talking to oak trees for hours,” George said. “Get your clothes on, Ann. There’s no time to be lost.”

Timmy the dog barked again!

What books did you like reading as a kid and which books do you like or hate reading aloud to the kids in your life?