Last week I blogged about the actresses I used as inspiration for my heroines. I said then that I was less happy with the cover art for some of my heroes and this week I’ll prove it!

For the hero of LORD LANGDON’S KISS I suggested Rutger Hauer. I was on a Ladyhawke kick (anyone else love that movie?) and though of course the garb is not period, the whole “stalwart knight” thing suited his personality. I don’t think that quality translated through the obligatory Regency smile but at least he is tall and blond as I described him.

Part of my inspiration for Philip, the hero of THE INCORRIGIBLE LADY CATHERINE, was a recording I had of Bryn Terfel singing folk songs. I imagined Philip as a man with a wonderful, rich baritone voice, not conventionally handsome but with striking eyes. I sent in an image of Terfel that I thought might work but what a mistake that was! Can you feel my pain?

With THE REDWYCK CHARM my luck improved. I sent in Michael Vartan and though I’m not sure this cover hero resembles him (and the hair is a bit weird) at least he is good-looking!

My best cover hero came in SAVING LORD VERWOOD. I learned later that the cover model was the popular John DeSalvo but he does capture the look I was going for with Jeremy Northam. Overall, it was a nice cover and came in 3rd in the historical series category of the All About Romance cover contest that year. I’m not complaining, this hero is very fine. 🙂

Now to my last cover hero. I sent in Colin Firth and got…this dude. Ack! I was glad the background color was striking and the actual image was so small. If anyone could really tell how Very Wrong this hero looks, I would have cried.

So what do you think?

And though I already know the likely suspects, who would you most like to see on a romance cover?