Ah, writing. Not always the smoothest-sailing of careers, but one that has many perks — such as an excuse to put a picture of Wentworth in one’s blog post, because he’s writing, and therefore not off-topic at all.

With the demise of Signet and Zebra’s traditional Regency lines, most of their Regency authors had decisions to make regarding their futures. (Certain course changes were made, some large, some small). Santa recently asked what we Riskies were each working on now, and what certain other Regency authors were currently writing. (Answers are coming, Santa!)

This made me wonder — are there any other particular Signet or Zebra Regency authors that any of you are curious about? We Riskies are exceedingly well-connected — we all have vouchers for Almack’s, after all (although I’m not sure how certain persons got one — I suspect blackmail was involved). So if you all let us know which traditional Regency authors you want updates on, we can use our extensive networks of spies and informants to obtain this information for you.

So — which authors do you want updates on? Please share!