So many of you have been sooooo kind to be thinking of my struggle to finish this book and wishing me well.

I’m not done yet…..and I’m not certain why it has been so hard. I’ve been working and working and unable to produce more than about 10 pages a day and sometimes I have to rewrite those. (and, of course, I’ve had to get my hair cut and other essential errands, like clothes shopping….)

My editor says I have until the end of the month but I really have until Thursday because I’m going out of town on Friday!

I figure you all wonder what this book is about. Well, it’s about this stuff:

Battle of Badajoz

Royal Academy of Art, Somerset House

Drury Lane Theatre

Cleopatra Portrait

Corn Bill riots


I know none of this makes sense…

How about you? Give us a progress report on your manuscripts or any goal or project you are working on.