I think I’ve finished my book A Most Lamentable Comedy. At least, I hope I’ve finished my book as I have to send it off before I leave for SF.

But I wanted to tell you about some odd things that happened with it, particularly in the last couple of weeks. Elena’s post last month about bears apparently lodged in my brain because the hero’s manservant suddenly reappeared, after quarreling with his master, with a dancing bear in tow. In fact the bear, a male called Daisy which is a very un-Regency type of name, did turn out to be a factor in the resolution of the plot.

There was also a scene, a sudden, wonderful surprise, where the heroine flies a kite.

But the main change was in what happened to the heroine. She’s about to be arrested for her debts when a duke steps in and saves her, on condition she becomes his mistress. Only he doesn’t intend for her to actually become his mistress–it’s a ploy to keep her out of the way of the hero (for various reasons). Now, originally, she didn’t realize what was going on and would wonder why the duke prefers to sit around talking to her about sheep and antiquities (his hobbies) rather than do anything else.

But as I got to know Caroline I realized that of course she’d know something was going on. She’s smart enough to smell a conspiracy (which it is, involving her friends) a mile off. And also, although my idea originally was to keep it a secret from the reader (which is why I’m not giving away huge amounts of plot here), I realized they’d want to know where the hero is. So I let everyone except the heroine, who works it out for herself, know and the hero is involved in the narrative by a series of letters that were lots of fun to write. (This is all about my entertainment, remember. Yep, it’s almost an epistolary novel here and at one point, if the editor allows, there’s a short play within the book.)

Lots of other things changed too, which is why I think it’s always wise to write a very short, vague synopsis.

Writers, tell us about something unexpected that happened in a book.

Readers, tell us about your favorite surprise in a book.

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