Today, my Son and I are taking a nearly four-hour bus ride, from Providence, RI, back to New York City. In this case, I thank goodness for Nintendo, and its all-powerful DS, which will entertain my son for most of the time we are on the bus. What did mothers do in past years without electronics?!? Besides curse their childrens’ names, of course.

We’ve spent this week at my father’s house on Cape Cod, MA. Dad lives a very Regency gentleman kind of life: He gets up, has his hot beverage, potters about in his yard, reads (a lot!), visits the local gossip spot (in his case, the Swap Shop, where he volunteers his time), sends and receives mail, and opines on the news of the day.

I’ve been able to write in the evenings, because both the Son and the Father go to bed around nine o’clock. It’s so still and peaceful here, and you can actually see the stars, a non-occurence in Brooklyn, where I live.

Vacation means many different things to many people; for me, although I don’t have a full-time job, it is a rare opportunity to relax. My favorite vacation is one where I actually forget what time it is, and almost feel as if I’ve gotten enough sleep (and mid-afternoon naps are the norm, not an anomaly).

It’s getting to be that time for a lot of us; what is your ideal vacation? Where are you going this year? And most importantly, what books are you bringing?

PS: No pix, ’cause I’m on dial-up. Perhaps later, when I am back in the land of the internet cable.