Okay, so I think it’s rather chilly down below: I am actually looking forward to writing a synopsis.

I’ve had a writing crisis lately, which has made me question just why I persevere. This, in Megan-speak, is almost every day, but this writing crisis has been unusually strong, so it should actually be titled the Writing Crisis, with capitalization and everything.

But I tried to slog through it, and scheduled a writing date with my friend Liz Maverick, who proceeded to talk out the crisis with me. We decided it was foolish to leave work unwritten, and I have over 100 pages of a contemporary that I should finish. But to finish it, I needed to write the synopsis. So I did.

Meanwhile, in the throes of procrastination, I glanced at the first few pages of a paranormal I started. And now that I’ve finished the first synopsis (I did! I finished it!), I am going to write the synopsis for the paranormal, so I don’t just meander. And I am looking forward to it.

Hence my devil needs warming up comment above.

So my question to you today is–what awful task have you actually found yourself enjoying, or even looking forward to? What’s the longest you’ve procrastinated?


PS: (Yawn, Megan): Richard Armitage is the inspiration for the ‘hero’ in the paranormal.