Ack! I am sorry this is so late–life, etc.

Anyway, this week’s posts have been so much fun to read–yay for my fellow inventive Riskies, who are showing pretties and thinking of deliciously meta posts.

But this post isn’t about them; it’s about ME!

See, my birthday is next week, and I have secured the highest possible sacrifice from my husband to celebrate my birth: He is taking me to see Conan the Barbarian the day it opens, August 19th, which is also my birthday. See how that works?

And if I had to make a Dream Birthday List, I think being able to caress Jason Momoa’s chest would be right up there. Along with scale Alexander Skarsgard’s height, stare in Clive Owen’s green eyes, and force Richard Armitage to talk to me. About coffee varieties, or the latest trend in footwear.

So if you had a Dream Birthday List, what would be on it? Who would be on it?