1. Amanda likes Hello Kitty even more than I do.
2. Every other Risky is much better-researched than I.
3. If one gets mildly peeved one did not final in a contest, one ought to remember that one did not enter any contests, except for the RITA, where two people really liked one’s story, two thought it was okay, and one really didn’t like it.

4. Other Riskies like their male obsessions about as much as I like Clive Owen. And that’s okay. Just don’t step to me on Owen ownership, at least not here.
5. Other writers are just as insecure and neurotic as I am. Almost.
6. Not everyone thinks I am funny.
7. But hopefully my fellow Riskies usually do.
8. Cara is not saying the universe is on fire just because she uses a few exclamation points.
9. Janet is way better-versed in the classics of feminist English literature than I am, and I always thought I was the most eggheaded of them all.
10. Now I am humbled.
11. Elena thinks just as hard about her writing as I do. Not always a good thing. For either one of us.
12. Amanda is the cutest writer in the world. And sometimes I bet she hates that.
13. Diane is so sweet it’s hard to hate her for being so prolific and so successful. But I’m trying.
14. Not really.
15. No, I am.
16. No, not really.
17. Okay, Eddie Izzard joke ends here.
18. Cake, or death?
19. Just kidding.
20. Yay Riskies! Yay diversity! Yay inane posts!