This week, I sent a proposal for a Regency-set historical to my agent. This book is about an opium-addicted Marquess who meets the illegitimate daughter of a vicar. They get married in a Marriage of Convenience, and spend a bunch of time traveling from the Scottish border to London.

So I titled it

Road To Passion* (although its high-concept log-line is Leaving Las Vegas meets Jane Eyre).

So now what? Keep writing, yes, but wait for feedback from my agent, too. Tom Petty had it right in this song “The Waiting” when he said “The waiting/Is the hardest part.” I have to wait to hear what she thinks, then revise, then send back, then hear what she thinks again, and then, and only then, hear what editors think.

It’s a lot of waiting.

So meanwhile, I’ll start writing another proposal, this one a contemporary about a Brooklyn mom who goes on the road with a revival of an ’80s new wave group (I know. Musicians in romances are forbidden. What can I say?).

And then another proposal. And another. Because, after all, what else am I going to do? Go get a real job or something?!?

Thanks for waiting with me! What do you do to pass the time?

*The cool drawing is an ancient Chinese picture titled “Road Of Passion.” Love Google!