Wow, I can’t believe it’s been two years since we started posting here at Risky Regencies! It seems like only a few weeks (and yet Saturday always seems to sneak up on me, and I have to scramble for something to post about). I’ve loved meeting so many new friends, having a place to share a love of history (and cute Austen movie heroes), celebrate new book releases and writing milestones, commiserate on things like Hair Color Disasters, and just be silly sometimes (or maybe the silly bit is just me?). Anyway, I’ve loved being a part of Risky Regencies, and hope we have many more anniversaries to celebrate in the future!

My prize is an autographed copy of my August book A Notorious Woman (look for its sequel in April ’08, to find out what happens to Nicolai), plus a fancy beaded bookmark from Ganz (I don’t have a pic, but trust me, it’s pretty!).

It was hard to pick some “favorite” posts! Once I started looking back on them, I realized that what I said about scrambling to find topics every Saturday was all too true. But here are a few I enjoyed:

Megan and Amanda Chat About Amanda’s New Book!
(Because I always get nervous when a new baby, er, book makes its appearance on the shelves, and chatting with another Risky about its debut made it far less painful!)

Hair Matters
(If you want to know just how shallow I really can be–plus, I took great comfort from hearing about other people’s hair disasters)

Picturing Characters
(I always love hearing how people “see” characters! And I love searching the Web for pics of hunky actors and beautiful costumes and calling it research)

(Party! Need I say more? Also, I love sharing research tidbits with people I know will appreciate them–unlike, say, my family, who is very tired of hearing all about women in the French Revolution and how to make Venetian masks or violet perfume. Love of research also leads me to the next post, because a smackdown between Baroque composers is always something to see…) Gluckists vs. Piccinists

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Visit us tomorrow, when we conclude our anniversary week with a visit from Claudia Dain! Hear all about her new release The Courtesan’s Daughter (and comment for the chance to win a copy!)

And thank you for making Risky Regencies so much fun! It’s been the BEST two years…