Hi everyone!

As usual, I have very little on my mind besides coffee, Clive Owen/Richard Armitage and napping.

But this week, I have startled myself with my productivity, and have realized, yet again, that many of my books share one underlying theme: The Freedom Of Choice (not Devo, damn your earworm!).

My heroines always have to decide for themselves what they want, not be guided by anyone, even if it’s the super-hawt hero. And they usually decide to take a risk, to stretch beyond their own comfort zones, to get what they secretly desire (hint: It’s the super-hawt hero).

I wrote this earlier this week:

“What would you like me to do first, Christian?” she asked, leaning in to whisper in his ear. He held himself rigidly pressed against the back of the divan, hard and unyielding.

“This is your challenge, Violet,” he replied in a low voice. “You decide.”
She pondered for a minute. What did she wish him to do to her? That would work as a starting point, wouldn’t it?

It had to. Because sitting this way, without moving, was making her legs cramp, and leg cramping was not conducive to seduction, at least as far as she knew.

So–what issues push your buttons? If you’re a writer, have you identified your themes? If you’re a reader, what themes pique your interest the most?


PS: Yeah, random hawt-guy pix. What about it?