When Amanda and I went to New York for Book Expo, we also were invited to Harlequin’s Art Exhibit, honoring 60 years of Harlequin cover art. Later at the RWA conference, Harlequin announced that there would be office products featuring these covers for sale in the big bookstores. Harlequin would also re-release copies of these old paperbacks.

Those vintage products are here!

There are several to choose from, all featuring different vintage covers, including Spiral Notebooks, Tins of Postcards, Address Books, Matchbook Notepads, Composition Books

And, of course, the vintage books themselves, printed to look just like they did when first published.

You can find them all on eHarlequin. And while you are there, you might want to order Gallant Officer, Forbidden Lady. It will be in bookstores Dec 1, but you can get it now at eHarlequin. Gallant Officer, Forbidden Lady is a featured book. Buy $15 of these featured books and you get $20 worth of books!

I’m in love with these vintage products! I’m certainly going to order some. They match the totebag Harlequin gave out at RWA, too!

Do you like nostalgic things? What item or items would you want, if you could have any vintage or antique item in the world?