For the past two weeks, I’ve been waiting, fairly patiently, for some good news to come my way. I believe it is on its way, it is good writing news, and I am anxious for it to occur.

Someone pointed out that in the age of instant gratification, where you can find the weather, an old friend, or the perfect pair of shoes in an instant, waiting for close to two weeks can seem like an eternity (it does!).

But in our period, waiting was a part of everyday life; you waited to come out as a debutante, you waited for the appropriate gentleman to make his addresses, you waited for dinner, and events, and a long-awaited treat, like a picnic to some old ruins with convenient hiding spots for smooching. So how did our heroines wait? Let’s ponder:

Traditional Regency Heroine:
–Exchanged witty banter with her best friend or the hero. Perhaps visited with her horse, to whom she told her troubles, and explained how hard it was to wait.
–Took tea with her old nurse/governess. Ditto on the telling troubles to.
–Sat in the corner with the purple-plumed dowagers as she observed the more popular girls already dancing.

Regency-Historical Heroine:
–Took a turn on the veranda because the rooms inside were too warm. Stumbled across the hero or the villain, both of whom took advantage of her, with a heroic rescue in the latter case.
–Went to fix her gown, where she overheard some scandalous/scurrilous gossip that would then impact her future happiness with the hero.
–Disguised herself and went to a gentleman’s club because she’s tired of waiting to have fun.

Racy Historical Heroine:
–Decided not to wait for marriage.
–Disguised herself and went to a gentleman’s club where she meets many gentlemen, both together and in succession.
–Waits for no man. Takes what she wants, oftentimes not waiting to get dressed.

What’s your best waiting strategy?