Like many of the Riskies, I attended RWA2013 last week, and am still tired–but enthused. As in years past, I roomed with fellow Risky Carolyn Jewel, who remains one of the savviest and sharpest writers I know; she’s been blogging her post-conference thoughts at her own site. Plus she was able to outlast me on the dancefloor on the last night of conference! That never happens!

I got to dance A LOT with Amanda McCabe (as well as trade snark texts during the RITA ceremony; all we want to say is, “that lipstick shade is not your friend!”), and I hugged Janet Mullany and Diane Gaston, and waved at Susanna Fraser. It never gets tired to hang out with smart women who understand what I love and like to do.

Anyhoo, while out there, I discussed various projects I might be working on, and now I actually have to work on them. So there’s that. And that’s good. More news as I have it.

Meanwhile, I am tormenting my Critique Partner, Myretta Robens, with plotting my next historical, leading to the burning question–why WOULDN’T my heroine want to marry the handsome, snarky, charming Duke? I mean, what is WRONG with her? Myretta and I came up with a few ideas, including that she is a private person who values her anonymity, and Duchesses were not anonymous, as well as that she is desperately frightened that she will lose her own identity if she marries, as well as lose her independence. Of course, the handsome, snarky, charming Duke (HSCD) will get her to change her mind–eventually–but it’ll be a struggle.

It’s fun, but hard. Like most rewarding art, right?

So if anyone has examples of that type of heroine in novels, and care to share their motives (and the titles) in comments, that’d be great. I need to gather as much fuel as I can for her being reluctant to wed the Regency Billionaire, because DUH.