So my big news this week is–I am engaged!!!  No plans are set in stone yet, but we’re thinking something small in December, so something with a “winter wonderland” sort of theme.  White flowers, sparkles, maybe a fur stole, stuff like that.  (He says I just have to tell him when and where to show up and what to wear, the rest is up to me.  I hope he will not rue those words).

If you have read any of my Risky posts in the past, you probably know what my #1 concern is–the dress.  There are so many inspirations out there, I think it will be hard to narrow it all down!  There are Georgian gowns:

Victorian gowns:

Regency gowns (like these belonging to Princess Charlotte and Betsey Bonaparte):

1920s gowns:

1950s gowns:

Royal gowns (including American royalty like Jackie Kennedy!):

And modern gowns I can’t afford, like this Oscar de la Renta:

I will choose one soon, I’m sure (mainly because there isn’t much time to waffle!), and in the meantime I am pinning these on my Pinterest boards.

What did you wear at your wedding?  What suggestions do you have for me??  (and watch for historical info on rings, bouquets, cakes, etc in the near future…)