I know being a stay-at-home mom (and sporadic writer) is a joy–I get to be with my son, watch him learn, and grow, and take care of him as only a parent can.

But it’s a helluva lot of hard work.

This year, we’ve had two bouts of pneumonia (not me), a catheter experience (not me), two ER visits (not me), virii (me and everyone else in the house), as well as real estate-related stress, tons of freelance work, the hating of school, the loving of video games, the balance of homework, dinner, and TV, and lots of other stuff that makes my teeth clench.

So this weekend, the son has gone to the in-laws’, the husband is in Vegas (poor guy) for the NBA All-Star Weekend, and I am going to Massachusetts. My plan is to a) hang out with Myretta Robens, otherwise known as the Delightful Phone Friend. She will take me book-shopping and treat-eating. Then b) sleeping past 7:00. And c) seeing my dad, the owner of a new car, which he WON a few months ago. That’s right, WON. In a contest.

(I am more excited about seeing my dad than the car, btw, but I am excited to see what a brand-new car looks like. I don’t think my parents ever bought a car straight off the lot.)

I will, of course, bring books: Lilith Saintcrow‘s Dead Man Rising, the second book in her Dante Valentine series, probably a Regency-set historical to offset all the demons and psionics of Saintcrow, and then maybe something fun and contemporary, like my friend Marianne Stillings‘ book Sighs Matter.

What are your plans for the long weekend?