On January 10 our Risky Regencies guest will be my friend and debut author, Christine Trent. Christine marked the New Year by finding her book on the Barnes and Noble shelves for the first time ever!

I’ve been waiting for this book ever since Christine answered my question “What are you writing” with, “I’m writing a historical about a dollmaker who makes dolls for Marie Antoinette.” I just knew that she would sell that book and here she is in her local Barnes and Noble holding the book in her very own hands.

The Queen’s Dollmaker is receiving great reviews, including 4 stars from RTBook Reviews. I don’t want to say more because we’ll hear all about it from Christine herself on Sunday, Jan 10.

I finished the very extensive and coming right around the holidays revisions for Book 2 in my Soldiers Trilogy last night at 1 am and am too brain-dead to think of a wonderfully creative blog post. (You’ll get that from Carolyn, I’m sure!) I thought I’d just show you a doll.

Years ago, my friend Helen transformed this Barbie doll into a Regency lady to promote my second book, The Wagering Widow. The doll was part of a raffle basket we made up for that year’s Washington Romance Writers Retreat. The trouble was, I loved the doll so much that I stuffed all my raffle tickets into the bag. As a result, I won my own raffle basket!

And, guess what? The Wagering Widow is being re-released by Mills & Boon in February as one of their Regency High Society Affairs series. The Wagering Widow is paired with Georgina Devon’s An Unconventional Widow in a two-in-one volume and is available for pre-order at Book Depository where shipping is free!

The Wagering Widow, by the way, was the one book I’ve written that needed no revisions at all. None. I’m just saying….

Anyway….for me this week will be catching up on all the things I’ve neglected during the holidays and my frantic revisions.

What’s up for you this week?