Megan, bless her heart, suggested I talk about what I’m working on next. I’m delighted to do that!
(janegeorge, I’ll eventually get around to that blog about how my writing routine has changed. I just need to summon the courage….)

Here’s what is next:

My lovely editor, Linda Fildew (whom you will meet, I hope, when the Harlequin Historical editors blog with us next Monday, Dec 1!!) offered me an Undone. You know, the eHarlequin eShort Story like Amanda, Nicola Cornick, Bronwyn Scott, and Michelle Willingham recently blogged about.

My Undone will be released right before our anthology, The Diamonds of Welbourne Manor, so Linda asked if I could give our Duke and Duchess a cameo appearance. “Sure,” I said.

Then I, always story-idea-challenged, started mulling this around in my head, thinking things like, “How the devil do I write a short story?” (only I didn’t say “devil”) or “I’ll never have another story idea in my life!”

But whoo hoo! I finally came up with an idea, a sexy idea, and it is all Janet’s fault for writing about personal ads. I can hardly wait to start writing.

In this short story, I must remember to have the duke and duchess appear.

And, come to think of it, Drury Lane Theatre figures in my next book, so why not have it figure in my short story, too?

Then the personal ads must play a part.

Why not set part of the story in Vauxhall? I love Vauxhall.

And I have to mention the war!

There must be something else to include……..
I know! Phantom of the Opera!!!!

Can you think of anything else I should include???? I have all of 15,000 words or 50 pages.

Give me your ideas today, because I’m starting to write this story tomorrow.

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