Interesting topic this week, and not an easy one. I can’t
do a favorite reads list for the year, since all of my reading has been done in the last three months or so after recovering from my last deadline. At the moment I’m reading for “research” purposes, mainly to sink myself into the Regency Historical and Romantic suspense genres. My current project is a humorous suspense, but I do plan on writing a Regency historical in the future.

I thought I’d go ahead and comment on the books I’ve read anyway. Since some of these books were published prior to this year, I’m “cheating” there, too.

SO WILD A HEART by Candace Camp. A 2002 book from my TBR Mountain. It contains a mystery with a surprising twist–and I think I am hard to surprise! The characters were interesting, too. Worth the read.

MISS WONDERFUL by Loretta Chase, 2004. Loretta Chase is a star in the genre, so there was no way to go wrong with this choice. This is a humorous book with excellently written characters–not only the hero and heroine, but the heroine’s father. If you want to see characters who come alive, read this book. (MR IMPOSSIBLE is in my TBR pile).

THE PAID COMPANION by Amanda Quick. Generally, I am a fan of Jane Anne Krentz’s contemporaries and have not read many of her historicals, but they are popular, and I thought it best that I read her newest in paperback. Well, I enjoyed THE PAID COMPANION–I think it was due to the inclusion of the topic of the lost rivers of London. I’m glad I read this one, and I think I will treat myself to more.

Shifting gears…I started catching up on my Janet
Evanovich, whose Stephanie Plum series I dearly love. I have just finished THREE TO GET DEADLY and FOUR TO SCORE. They were both almost too much fun!

Currently I am reading…two books, actually. One is MERELY MARRIED, a 1998 Regency historical by Patricia Coughlin, and the other is THERE’S ALWAYS PLAN B by Susan Mallery. Both promise to be enjoyable. THERE’S ALWAYS PLAN B is one of the new Harlequin NEXT novels written for the middle aged and older reader. It’s a “starting over” book with a fortyish heroine, her teenage daughter and the heroine’s mother. It seemed a propos for me to read, since I am “starting over” myself, so to speak…

I have just purchased THE PRICE OF INDISCRETION by Cathy Maxwell…will read this one soon.

So…there is my fiction list, albeit limited….