What i’ve done on my vacation (so far!):

1) Helped Megan unpack and move books (she may think I’m being helpful, but really I’m scheming ways to steal her research collection. Bwa-ha-ha!!!)

2) Pestering Megan to start her new book

3) Having lunch with editor and agent. Pretending for two hours to be a reasonably professional and socially presentable person (I did not even squeal when given some free books! Yay!)

4) Visiting the Frick Collection, looking at Parmigianino’s painting “Antea” and standing in the Fragonard room, pretending it’s mine. All mine!

5) Going to the Yale British Art Center with Andrea Pickens and looking through boxes full of Regency-era satirical prints and Gainsborough drawings

6) Gawking at people on the train

More next week, complete with pictures!