(Don’t forget! Today is the second to last day to enter to win an ARC of my first Laurel McKee book, Countess of Scandal! Visit my website to find out how. It makes a great holiday gift for–you!)

Okay, so now it is December 15! Close to zero hour for holiday gifts. Maybe you have a Janeite on your list you need a last-minute gift for? (Or even a non-Janeite who needs to be converted!). Never fear–there’s a plethora of choice out there for everybody. There’s always classics, like a beautiful copy of a favorite book or a DVD of a favorite movie (or a Jane Austen action figure! Mine is very useful–she sits on my desk and lectures me about getting to writing work when I’m wasting too much time, er, blogging). But there are some more unusual choices, as well:

A Pride and Prejudice board game! (Who gets to Pemberly first??)

A Jane doll from the fabulous Unemployed Philosophers Guild

This charm from the Jane Austen Centre in Bath! (I have a silver bracelet with charms from my travels–I would love to add this one)

A bracelet from the BBC website

If you have an infant and want to indoctrinate them into Janeite-ism early…

T-shirts! (Many to choose from–I just ordered one that says I am a “Headstrong, Obstinate Girl”)

Mugs (again, many to choose from! This one asks What Would Jane Do?)

A beautiful pendant from Tartx (I own a few of her pieces of jewelry and they are beautiful)

Happy birthday, Jane! (And happy birthday to my mom, too, who had the good luck to be born on the same day! Maybe I need to get her a Jane item for her present). What Jane present would you choose?