What am I doing now that I turned in my book? Yes. In case you missed it, my work is no longer in progress but is DONE! I emailed it off to Mills & Boon on Thursday. Whoo hoo!

The good news is, I liked the final result. When I read through one last time, the book held together pretty well. It even has some surprises. Of course, my editor and her readers at M&B may see things differently, but it is out of my hands until revision time.

I’ve had a lot of other stuff that I’d put off to deal with, like getting my webmistress (the incomparable Emily Cotler and her team at Waxcreative Design) new material, including my new bookcover! Take a peek! There were a couple of other promotional things to take care of. Including one I almost forgot! On July 21 I’m going to be a guest at Rosa is for Romance, a blog for Italian and English-speaking readers who love romance.

I also loaded more CDs onto my ITunes, including my favorite CD of Strauss. The Blue Danube always makes me smile. I imagine my hero and heroine gazing at each other lovingly and then starting to dance with joy. Of course, The Blue Danube was written in 1867, but I imagine it anyway.

I also created a new bookmark. Back in June my husband bought me a new laptop (for our anniversary. It was easier than getting me flowers) and now I can use software to design my own bookmarks! I love my new computer. It’s pink.

And I had the great pleasure of realizing my clothes are too big. Most of my pants and jeans are TOO BIG!! I have been dieting but I haven’t lost that last 10 lbs I wanted to lose before RWA. Still, I went down a dress size! So I went into a flurry of trying on my clothes to see what fit and what didn’t and I ran out to Macys to buy some more things, including a pair of black pants with a light pinstripe marked down to $20 from $109! I also stopped in the lingerie dept and bought new…lingerie, including some Flexees so I can look 10 lbs thinner even if I’m not.

I think I am ready for RWA. I might be able to fit into this dress for the Beau Monde Soiree (Left)

But maybe not this one. (Right)

Hmmmm. Maybe I’ll run upstairs and try that light blue one on again…….

I can’t wait to see all of our Risky friends at RWA. Only a couple weeks to go!!

There is still time to enter my contest on my website. But if you want to read the Sneak Peek of Scandalizing the Ton you’d better hurry. It is going to disappear soon.

All this month the Wet Noodle Posse are giving RWA tips. So come visit. My topic posted today is Don’t Be Shy: RWA Survival Skills for the Very Very Bashful