Last week I mentioned Lord Byron’s weight loss diet, and the week before that I said you could find anything on YouTube. This week I’m merging the two.

Here is Richard Chamberlain as Byron in the movie Lady Caroline Lamb (Sarah Miles)
I think he looks very Byronic!

When We Two Parted is a lovely poem about lovers breaking up, as relevant to young lovers today as it was when Byron wrote it. I could not discover who Byron was writing about, but I like to think it was some true love now lost to the ages.

The poem endures, even on YouTube.

Here is the version that I think channels Byron the closest:

Here is the version as I would have recited in my youth, when in pain over a lost love.

Here is an animated version:

The moog synthesizer-jellyfish version (I kid you not)

And the most mind-boggling of them all, the I-cannot-believe-this version:

Vote for your favorite! And what do you think of Richard Chamberlain as Lord Byron?

(Thanks to Nebula whose comment last week about the Jonny Lee Miller miniseries of Byron got me started on YouTube)

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