476px-Edmund_Blair_Leighton_-_The_Windmiller's_GuestI’m at that exciting scary time of starting a new book. The possibilities are endless. That is the exciting part AND the scary part. I need a way to focus, to narrow it down.

So, I’m thinking of those popular Romance and Regency themes.

I’ve written several marriage of convenience plots (The Mysterious Miss M, The Wagering Widow, Scandalizing the Ton), forbidden love (Innocence and Impropriety, Gallant Officer, Forbidden Lady, Chivalrous Captain, Rebel Lady, Born to Scandal), and road stories (The Vanishing Viscountess, The Liberation of Miss Finch). I’ve done a reforming the rake plot (A Reputable Rake), love at first sight (Innocence and Impropriety,Valiant Soldier, Beautiful Enemy) and reunion stories (A Twelfth Night Tale, A Not So Respectable Gentleman?).

Here’s a great list of Classic Romance Plots, by the way.

A Reputation for Notoriety by Diane GastonI could categorize the next book, A Reputation for Notoriety, but it doesn’t fit neatly into one category. It has elements of a few – forbidden love, opposites attract, boss/employee…and another that would be a spoiler!

My challenge for this to-be-written book is to take one of these classic romance plots, twist it in some interesting way, and devise a story that hopefully readers will love.

Do story ideas come easily to you? What are your favorite romance plots? Are there any Regency plots that you want to see? Any that you think have been overdone?