I am about to write “The End” on my WIP, Road To Passion (in another ten thousand words or so, but who’s counting?)

And I think I know why I am so disappointed in the last quarter of almost every romance novel I read: They stink.

See, the last quarter is when everything is resolved–wrongs are righted, lovers are reunited, evil is punished, the just are rewarded, and the sick get better. Good, right? Sure, but also boring. It is so much more fun to read about danger and chaos and drama than things going right in the world.

I also think that by the end the poor author is so freaking sick of her characters she rushes to the end without worrying as much as she did in the first three quarters about proper word choice, interesting scenes, etc. I JUST WANT TO FINISH THIS THING might be all that is going through her mind now. Just saying.

Do you start getting bored when you know for sure everything is going to be okay? If you disagree with my stinky endings opinion, what book endings really worked for you?

Thanks for sharing your opinion!

THE END (of this post)