In honor of Thanksgiving, I thought I’d let you all in on part of the reason I’m thankful for the job of writing Regency Romance. In my current Work In Progress, which you may recall is a road story, I have spent my days wandering around the north of England and the south of Scotland. Through the magic of the Internet I have visited many places and discovered wonderful things.

I can’t really share the visual images I’ve used to create my story, because most of the images are copyrighted, so I went into my own photographs from my 2005 trip to England and Scotland for some similar visual images.

My characters wound up in Liverpool which might have looked a little like this:

They rode over the countryside. Imagine these hills in the Autumn with all different colors:

They might have passed through villages like this one:

Or stayed in a castle ruin like this one:

My heroine may have gazed upon the home of her childhood:

And, finally, my hero and heroine may have shared a bed similar to this one:

Do I have the greatest job in the world or what?

For a wonderful virtual adventure, immerse yourself in this website!

Is part of what you like to read about the Regency imagining what it looked like?
How much setting do you like in our books?

Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody!


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