LLK_Page_ProofCongratulations to Theresa. You’ve won the paperback copy of Lord Langdon’s Kiss. If you do not hear from me, feel free to email at elena @ elenagreene.com (no spaces).

And because I’m still struggling to get that To Do List I posted last week under control, all I have to offer today is an excerpt. I hope you enjoy it.

He addressed her again, in a lowered voice. “Miss Ashley. I must apologize for my behavior to you on our last meeting. It was a most ill-considered action on my part.”

Her unease gave way to indignation. There was no remorse in his face, only his usual guarded look. How dare he refer to what he had done as an “ill-considered action”?

Then she understood. He feared that she would accuse him of having compromised her. Did he think she would expect reparation, or cause a scandal by disclosing what he’d done? When she thought of all she’d done to avoid causing trouble between him and his brother, she wanted to scream.

Lord Langdon was clearly in need of a lesson.

“I beg to differ, my lord,” she answered sweetly, having brought her temper under control one more time. “In my opinion, trying to ravish one lady the day before proposing marriage to another merits a rather stronger description.”

He looked horrified. She’d guessed correctly; he was appalled by the thought of the trouble she could cause.

“You do not mean—”

“Do not be anxious, Lord Langdon,” she interrupted. “I shall do my utmost to forget the incident ever occurred.”

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