I meant to have a carefully written and hopefully interesting post up today but there are painters in the house today, sprucing up our hall, kitchen and the master bathroom. Yesterday, as I was preparing for them, we had to scoot to the basement because of a tornado warning (fortunately one did not touch down in our neighborhood, though it wrought massive havoc in the town of Elmira, not too far away).  Then our power was out for hours, so I couldn’t write the post nor could I properly prepare for the painters.

So today I’m scrambling. They’re in the house now and although they are good guys who have done good work for us before, it is still chaos.  I wish this could be done by magic wand instead!

So anyway, I wish I were at RWA. The last time I went was in 2008 (see Risky picture above). However, I will soon have a nicer-looking house and I am looking forward to going to the New Jersey conference in October, so I have both of those to look forward to!

So how are you spending your weekend?  Those of you at RWA, please take lots of pics and be ready to tell us all about it!