In my family, everyone makes wish lists around this time of year. It just makes holiday gift-giving so much simpler and avoids painful mistakes. There’s still a small element of surprise because we purposely make our lists long, not expecting to get everything on them and of course some items are a bit open-ended.

On my list this year there are the usual reference books including this one. My obsession with riflemen will not be satisfied until I’ve read every available firsthand account and I’ve barely begun.

I am hoping that some gaping holes in my DVD collection will be filled.

And there are always (figurative, not literal) gaps in my keeper shelf to be filled: books by favorite authors I’ve either had to borrow or not been able to find at all though friends with similar tastes rave about them. Some are hard to find. Luckily, my husband enjoys the challenge.

So what else is out there for us historical romance/Jane Austen junkies?

There’s always some fun stuff at the Pemberley shop at Cafe Press. I already own the “I blame Jane” T-shirt but now I am drooling over the new collection of magnets, such as this one and the one at the top.

The Jane Austen Centre has some cool holiday offerings. There’s a Regency straw bonnet you can trim yourself. And how about your own portrait of Mr. Darcy, printed on canvas?

For just a tiny splurge, check out The Three Graces’ Georgian jewelry section. There are all sorts of lovely baubles, including these diamond day night earrings. One can wear just the top part for day and attach the dangles for evening. So practical and only $5,450!

So what’s on your holiday wish list, fantasy or otherwise?