As hinted at (if by hinted you mean COMPLAIN VOCIFEROUSLY) a few weeks ago, I am in the throes of moving. Which means writing, reading, etc., has been tossed out the window.

BUT that doesn’t mean you have to suffer (but if you want to, could you just pick that box up over there? Thanks.)

So let’s talk about books, shall we? Specifically, very good books. The All About Romance poll (I used to review for them a long time ago, I am a big fan of the site) just released its results for 2007, and the Best Romance for 2007 was . . . a tie! Between If His Kiss Is Wicked by Jo Goodman and The Serpent Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt.

Did you notice that both were historical novels? Goodman’s is Regency-set, whereas Hoyt writes Georgian. I’ve read the Hoyt–which I liked, although not as much as I liked her Raven Prince–and I have the Goodman in my bag right now.

It’s pretty obvious now, but worriers who wanted to ring the death knell for historicals have been denied. The vamps did a good job at rattling historical’s cage, but historicals refuse to go away. Something about those feisty heroines . . . anyway.

I had the Goodman because various reader bloggers had raved about it, and I stuck it in a past Amazon order. I put it in my bag because of the poll, which leads me to some questions–besides reading every single word all of us Riskies have penned, how else do you find your books? Would you be inclined to read a Best Romance, even if it were in a genre you don’t normally read? Do you rely on the author quotes on the front? How the cover looks?

And the eternal question, what other time period besides Georgian/Regency piques your interest?

Thanks, and I’d say to wish me luck on the move, but I’ll be griping about it next week. Make sure to tune in.

PS: That last pic has nothing to do with nothing. Thanks to Abby for it.