Me and Carolyn (double-nominated for the RITA; boo-ya!) at the RITA Awards:

So by now you are all pretty well aware that most of the Riskies went to Orlando for our National Conference.

This one features me, Carolyn and frequent Risky visitor Keira:

And me and Amanda (also nominated for the RITAs; do Riskies know how to represent, or what?)

Okay, so I cannot format a post to save my life. Whatever.

I am not here to talk about what happened last week, however, but what is about to happen tomorrow: My son and I head off for Minnesota for our annual two-week sojourn. Him to take sailing lessons, me to work and hang out by myself in a super-clean house (thanks, Aunt Mary!). So, of course, the most pressing and interesting part of packing is not what clothes to bring (my colors for this trip are black, brown and pink, if you’re wondering; in Orlando they were black and green), but what books to pack.

Two weeks! Free time! So much to read!

So here is what I’m thinking about:

Last week, Amanda recommended a book called Lulu Meets God and Doubts Him; it’s a contemporary book featuring a New York woman working in an art gallery (the title of the book is a painting the heroine sees). She said the writing reminded her of my writing, and it’s all witty and stuff.

I also heard that Elizabeth PetersAmelia Peabody mystery series was witty and wryly clever (like me!), so I got Crocodile On The Sandbank, the first book in the series.

I’ve got Ann Aguirre‘s Grimspace, a gritty SF/fantasy thingy that kinda defies description. Carolyn and I got to hang out with Ann a bit last week, and that spurs me to pick up her books, long on my bedside table.

Then there’s Loretta Chase‘s Last Night’s Scandal. Sigh. I’ve heard it’s great, and that’s no surprise, since Loretta is just such an incredible writer. Victorian-set (thanks to Myretta Robens for correcting me!), one of the few straight historicals I’m taking with me. I’m finding my taste right now is veering towards urban fantasy and paranormal. Although I also have . . .

Elizabeth Hoyt‘s Wicked Intentions, Georgian-set, I think, so there is another straight historical in the suitcase. I love Hoyt’s delicious prose, her characters are distinctive and spirited, but not annoyingly so.

And I’ve got the 12th book in Jim Butcher‘s Dresden Files series, Changes. I love Harry Dresden. Not only that, Butcher has improved with each book, which is really remarkable, given how long the series has gone on. This one is urban detective fantasy, I guess. There are wizards and witches and vampires and stuff. Set in Chicago.

Meljean Brook‘s Demon Blood is also on the bedside table. Meljean writes complex, compelling books that require your full attention, so are perfect for vacations when you’re not likely to get too distracted.

None of these are definitely going into the bag, I won’t make the Final Decision until tomorrow. Plus, I also have to carry the books with me, since my checked luggage is already quite heavy, since my son and I are packing together. But I know that a few sore muscles are well worth having the perfect book while away, so I’ll likely pack too many and suffer (THREE of these are hardcovers, too! I kinda hate hardcovers). Seven books, two weeks. Think I better visit the TBR pile again; that might not be enough.

What’s been your favorite summer read so far? How many genres do you regularly read in?