Last week, I went to RWA, where I spent quality time with my RWA roomie, Carolyn Jewel (note: She does NOT like the heat).

Now I’m back at work and life, which includes writing, and I have an October 1 deadline for the second book in my Dukes Behaving Badly series. Which would be fine if I had more than 28,646 words written on it. But I don’t, so the next two months will be me working at my dayjob, rushing home, and writing until dinnertime.

Angelina-JolieMeanwhile, my editor emailed because they were going to have a cover conference, and she needed to know what the book was about. I still have no clue on that, but I do know what they look like, because that’s probably the first thing I know anytime I start writing a story.

She is gorgeous, one of the most beautiful women in Society; he is charming and rakish (of course). They enter into a marriage of convenience, and the whole story is about how they eventually, and inconveniently, fall in love.

Anyway, I’ve got lots more writing to do, and only two months to do it, so I’ll leave you with my inspirations and get back to it. Hope everyone is having a happy weekend!