As the Big Day approaches, it’s easy to get swept up in the Holiday Madness: Did I mail out all the cards, is the house relatively clean, watch out for that ornament!, I thought YOU were going to pick up the Christmas Blend coffee, why am I awake at 12:30am?

But the most important thing about this time of year, no matter what your Big Day is like (or what religion or not you prefer), is to remember the Important Things. Family, even if they drive you nuts. Your friends, who are there when you have panic attacks (ahem.), your significant other, whether it’s your spouse or your nicest cat. The rituals of the season, from Secret Santa with your best pals, or taking a detour on the way home so you can view the crazily-decorated tree.

And what does this have to do with being Risky, or writing in the Regency? Nothing–and everything. Because the books we love are our significant others sometimes, too, because the authors create worlds with love, family, friendship, rituals, and Big Day stress.

Over at my own blog, I’ve declared it Delurking Week (thanks to Meljean Brook, who had the idea first), and I encourage all you Risky visitors to say hi and maybe relate a special holiday tradition you cherish, or just what you do to get away from it all. Maybe talk about what book you’re looking forward to opening after you’ve opened all the presents. Or just pipe up and tell us just what’s on your mind right now.

To all my fellow Riskies, Happy Holidays! May the New Year bring New Contracts, Friendly Booksellers, and Loads of Devoted Fans. To the Risky Regencies Visitors, thanks for coming by and becoming a part of the Risky community.