The Shoe-Off – Part 2?

Risky Megan and I once engaged in a Shoe-Off over at my blog. Despite the fact that I cheated by voting for my shoes as many times as I could, I lost. Badly.

However, I have bought myself a pair of boots.

I hereby challenge Risky Megan to another shoe-off, pitting my new boots (when they arrive at my house) against the footwear of her choice.

You, too, may play along. In the comments here at anytime until satisfaction is rendered, post a link to a photo of your dueling-est shoes. It’s OK if someone else is wearing them.

I’ll figure out whose shoes duel whose or something.

So, Megan, are you up to the challenge?

Yes. I WILL cheat again if I have to, but I’m thinking I won’t need to.